It’s important to remember that this distance and isolation won’t last forever! Things may get postponed and moved back, but nothing can cancel love & celebration. We know many of you have events to get ready for once all this craziness is over, so we want to help you do that! 


We’re bringing the consultation to you both through scheduled FaceTime calls and Zoom meetings. You can schedule a virtual Bridal consultation at no charge! If you’re looking for dresses of any kind, you’re in luck! Our consultations will be for the purpose of helping guide you through your options, showing you available inventory, and relaying a lot of helpful information like we do normally in store.

After your consultation, you’ll be able to select dresses to try on at home. They’ll ship conveniently right to your door! The details of each individual program are listed below. We’re committed to helping you create beautiful memories and prepare for important life events, even in the midst of chaos. We believe that it’s important to look forward to celebration and remember that even if things get delayed, love cannot be cancelled. 



Schedule a FaceTime or Zoom consultation with a stylist to guide you through available dresses in our inventory, determine the appropriate size for you, and find dresses you’d like to try. Pick out up to 5 styles for shipping right to your door. This number may be lowered if demand is high. Then, we’ll connect with you again (if possible) during your at home try on to answer questions & help guide you through the process!



  • A security deposit of $150/dress (up to 5 dresses) will be charged to your credit card. The card number will be held securely on file while the dresses are out of store. 
  • If a dress is purchased, the entire deposit amount will be applied towards the purchase. If a second round of dresses are requested, the initial set must be received back before the new set is sent/picked up and the deposit will be held until both sets are returned. 
  • If no dress is selected for purchase, all deposits will be refunded except for a $150 non-refundable at home try on fee.


Dress Pick Up and Drop Off:

  • Curbside Pick up outside the store. Dresses will be hanging on a rack right outside the front door.
  • Return on the same rack.

Time frame: You’ll have 3 business days from the time you receive the dresses to send them 

*Fine print: If dresses are damaged, fees will apply. A late fee of $20/day will be assessed if dresses are not returned within the allotted time frame. All dresses returned will be treated with disinfectant and steamed at a temperature high enough to kill bacteria & viruses.

Virtual Bridal Appointment

Click the button below and choose Virtual Bridal Appointment from the drop down to schedule your consultation

& begin the at-home process!